Spotlight on the Exhibition丨Yongtaiyun Meets You at the 3rd UAE China Tire & Auto Parts Expo 2024
2024-05-30 10:34

Exhibition Profile

UAE China Tire & Auto Parts Expo is a professional exhibition independently organized by Chinese enterprises based on the UAE Tire & Auto Parts Overseas Warehouse Project. The exhibition was supported by the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce, Pakistan (Dubai) Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Province Department of Commerce, Henan Province Department of Commerce, Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, China (Shandong) Pilot Self-Trade Zone, Qingdao Area, AD Ports Group, Abu Dhabi KEZAD Industrial Zone, and NAKHEEL Group of Dubai.

Relying on the China Tire & Auto Parts Center and China Tire & Auto Parts Public Overseas Warehouse in the UAE, the exhibition will integrate the entire trade process, including international exhibitions, permanent exhibition and sales center, online precise invitation and negotiation, full logistics, distribution, supply chain financing and e-commerce platform, so as to create a new type of overseas warehouse for exhibition and trade and to provide direct services to domestic tire and auto parts exporting enterprises to realize the new mode of high-efficiency docking of supply chain in foreign trade.

Booth F46 & F47, Sharjah International Convention and Exhibition Center, UAE

As a modern service enterprise mainly engaged in cross-border chemical logistics supply chain service, Yongtaiyun has always been committed to continuously integrating internal service resources such as offline international chemical logistics service team, hazardous chemicals warehouse, hazardous chemicals transport fleet, and park-oriented integrated logistics service base as well as external cooperation resources such as international shipping, customs services, third-party warehousing and fleet to provide customers with quality logistics solutions.

As the largest trade distribution center for “Made in China” in the Middle East, the UAE has become a hub for Chinese goods to seamlessly connect with the Middle East, Africa and Europe. With the help of this exhibition, the company hopes to accurately target and comprehensively develop the Middle East market, and realize the efficient docking of the supply chain of overseas warehouses, and provide a strong impetus for the expansion of the company's overseas business!

Supply Chain Trade Integrated Services

Yongtaiyun has unrepeatable resources and advantages in hazardous chemical warehousing, logistics and international shipping. At present, the company's industrial chain extends to supply chain trade integrated services. Relying on its own online and offline resources, the company has set up trading entities all over the country. The company has set up a mature trade supply chain service team, which is involved in the fields of pesticides, chemical materials (e.g. rubber, plastics, etc.), new energy (vehicles, batteries, etc.), etc., so as to build up the advantages of Yongtaiyun's characteristic hazardous chemicals trade supply chain service.

At the present stage, the trade supply chain of Yongtaiyun is mainly an extension of the logistics business, and its service object is mostly trade enterprises, which is focused on enhancing the stickiness of logistics.In the future, we will continue to deepen the main business of chemical logistics supply chain services and extend the industrial chain and further accelerate the national business layout. We will make use of our self-developed one-stop visualization supply chain platform "SHIPCHEM.COM" to flatten and visualize the trade supply chain, and reduce trade risks and improve service quality.

International Chemical Logistics Service Team

__Delegation of the Qingdao subsidiary